Website Design

Web Design Process

Building a brand is a process which you can't do over night, it requires time and effort. You can create a brand simple by designing a logo, website and promoting your products or services, but in reality is not an easy tasks.

Designing a website requires many skills and disciplines. In today digital environment, websites are used like platforms to promote their product or services. The process of designing website include different area like: graphic design,interface design, user experience and search engine optimization.

Responsive Website Design

Is your website Responsive?  To have a website which is responsive is a must . It is increasingly important to ensure , that your website render well on all devices. Today that really means desktop, table and  smartphone. Responsive design means  developing one site that will display appropriately for each device and will lay out in the way best suited to a particular environment.

This approach is generally implemented using a combination of web technologies like cascading style sheets and JavaScript .

Designing a website with Wordpress

A website is considered the most important asset for online presence. Today you can create a website  without to have deep knowledge of coding. Wordpress is a free and open source content management system, which help you to create a website.  Wordpress is the most popular  CMS in the world and is used by 40% of internet websites.  A CMS has a template or theme to style and format the content correctly for the web browser.

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