b2b Social media marketing

What is B2B ?

B2B or Business to Business is the process where two business make commercial transactions between them. To understand this well we will take an example a product manufacturing company buy a software program from a software company. As  we can see B2B is different than B2C, which is focus more  on consumers. Business to Business marketing is more informal and the transactions are more higher than B2C volumes. On the internet is well know like e-biz.


Social Media is influencing our lives. We become part of it  and business as well. Social Media is a play ground for companies. We can define it according to Wikipedia like interactive computer technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information ,ideas career interest and other form of expressions via virtual communities and networks. No far from the present social media was used efficiently only by B2C companies. Should your company be present on social media? The answer is YES.


  According to Hootsuite  3.4 billion people are active social media users, almost half of total world population . We consider is a must to a business to be present on social media.  In the last years business have struggled to dominate social media with successes and failures . According with some statistics the most successful companies on social media are B2C.    We don't agree with this, we consider that B2B can be used efficiently. With that being said our first strategy comes out "the myth of B2c".


A report of Central of  Statistics Office shows that almost 70 % of irish enterprises use social media. Is your company included in this category.? Traditionally business to business companies are still using like marketing approach with success: ( SEO, networking, events, seminars and so on)  This tactics are effective, however for better digital strategy you need to integrate social media. If you think that  SMM won't work for B2B , you probably will miss a lot of opportunities. Social media is not designed only for B2C, is for all of us, you need to be part of this game.



Before to start to implement your social media marketing strategy, you need to set up your goals. Like many other activities goals need to be implemented in order to be successful. Goals have to be defined since from the beginning. Here SMART goals comes in. In social media depending on type of business your company is operating , goals can be measured by KPI (Key Performance Indicators). KPI's differ from business to business, if for example for a company important are leads, for other brand awareness. For company looking leads metrics like clicks and conversions are more important than engagements or impressions. WHERE YOUR COMPANY IS SITUATED?  

Specific   Company X wants to increase leads by posting on daily basis on social media channels like:( LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) . Their strategy is to post one post per day and all post should be redirected to an landing page.

Measurable  10% increase sales by the end of the year.

Attainable  Creating and posting engaging content and redirected it to a landing page have helped to increase sales by 5 %

Relevant  The action plan need to be relevant with your goal, the action that is not relevant with your goal is not relevant.

Time-based  Any actions need to be done in certain amount of time, in our case at the end of this month.


Backing to our sales goal, we know that we need to increase sales. Knowing what you need to accomplish  on social media and how you will measure the success, the next step is how to get there. To go there you need a social media marketing plan. Writing down the plan , can allow you to achieve your goals and to pave the road to your brand success. Your plan should include some specifications like: (what social media channel will use?, what is our target audience? , what type of content we will publish, how to write the content? , competition and so on)

4  ORIGINAL CONTENT  Content is king. We don't have reasons to not believe this. Can we attribute this that one of the reasons that some B2B companies failed to success on social media?  It is questionable, however it is obvious that all your efforts should be focus to create and share original content. To be successful on social media dosen't mean to copy and post content. Our audience can make distinction between a good and weak content, your duty will be to create authentic and engaging content for your audience. If you have trouble to create content for social media channel, you can outsource your content to Erexym Media.


For a B2B to find and target the right audience it's a bit more complicated than B2C. In this case, your target audience are other business. If your company goals is to generate leads targeting business owners or company stakeholders with decision factor is one of the key of success. As we said at the beginning one of the reason that some companies failed on social media is that they haven't targeted the right audience. By far the most important social channel for B2B is LinkedIn. The next question that we need to ask ourselves is: Should we need to focus only on LinkedIn? The answer is "NO".  Other channels should be included in your strategy. Bear in mind your ultimate goal is to create content for your audience (other business) and to transform it in leads.


Customers behavior change and demand frequently quality content. Are we able to deliver quality content that satisfy our audience?. Are our employee able to create and share quality content?  Unfortunately many brands struggle in social media because their content might be wrong and people who are in charge with creation and distribution of content have failed to understand social media.  Employees play a crucial role in every organizations, we can define a company like a group of people. Social Media is not posting every day for the sake of posting is more than that. Hiring and putting in charge people , who have passion, experience and know company culture it's crucial for success . To be successful you don't need to rely only on a person or department which creates and share content.  You need to include all your staff. Creating social stories with your employee can pay you huge dividends. Implying your employee in social media activities can increase your brand outreach. For example if a brand publish and share content, the employee can also share the content in their circle helping to boost awareness this strategy is know like employee advocacy.


If your strategy dose not work , and you are still struggling to build your audience , we need to know that not everything is lost. Revising your strategy is the best measure that you can take. Creating a new strategy should first include your competition. Why the study of your competition is very important?.  Studying a direct competitor can bring you valuable insights , about what kind a content they are creating, how often they post and their audience.


We can not call an entity a business if it dose not make sales. Sales are for business like oxygen for humans. The main goal for every business, even they use social media like marketing channel should be sales. As we said before B2B marketing strategies rely heavily on marketing activities like: cold calling, networking, SEO, and other marketing channels. Can we use social media to generate more leads?  The answer is 'Yes' .  Social channels should be used to generate more leads to your business. The main goal of social media is to introduce a prospect into your sell funnel. LinkedIn is by far the most popular social media channel for B2B companies. We recommend that your attention to focus on other social media channels like: Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.


Don't be sad if the results will not show up immediately . The key of every success is work and perseverance. Posting every day on social media channels can be a hassle and takes a lot of time . Having a posting strategy or schedule posting calendar is ideal  .



This strategy is perhaps the most unused strategy by most of the companies. Having a social media channel , your main goal is to promote your brand. However you don't need to forget that the social media was created to make connections with other people. It is wise to engage with your own audience. Replying to their queries, reviews and other types of questions can put you into ideal situation. Failing to do this can result in losing potential leads , a situation that you want to avoid as much as you can.



Our main goal is to make to stay you on front of your competition. At Erexym Media we create and deliver quality content to help you to build your own brand by targeting the right audience. Our social media managment campaign will include:

  • Posting content on daily basis on social channels that we agree
  • Creating images to your own audience
  • Creating content that has impact on your audience
  • Video recording like part of content creation
  • Your competition analysis
  • Pay Per Click campaigns
  • Track your social campaigns
  • Monitor brand reputation