10 Reasons why you should use our Dublin SEO Services

If we have to count a better place for business, where you can find in the same time skilled young people and good fiscal legislation is with no doubt Dublin, the capital of Republic of Ireland. Over the past of years Dublin has build a reputation for international business in special tech.  Having a low tax legislation and friendly startup environment the Ireland capital is ideal place to start a business. With large number of business and startups that are in developing, Dublin can provides opportunities and challenges for consulting companies.  Some of the irish business and startups are struggling with the marketing activity.

We have identify some reasons why some business are falling and struggling. First reason is that some don not innovate and the second perhaps the most important in our point of view is failing in marketing activity. A part of digital marketing activity which requires a special attention is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We can define SEO as a process of how websites are getting traffic from search engine results. Become obvious for irish business based in Dublin, how important is to have a good spot on search results. To solve this problem Erexym Media came out with solutions that help irish business. Here we can list few reasons why you should choose our SEO services.

  1.  Passionate SEO people
  2. We don't outsource our SEO services
  3. It is more affordable than pay per click
  4. Organic search is often the primary source of website traffic
  5. Can provide a better ROI to your business once it is implemented
  6. Better credibility and trust among business
  7. Updating our practice with Google policies
  8. A better user experience means a higher ranking
  9. Local SEO can be very valuable in the process of getting customers and visitors to your website
  10. The results do not show up over night, it is a long term process.

Our SEO Services Advatages

We do not claim that we are the best SEO specialists in Ireland, our strategy is very simple we are customer orientated business. The process of optimization can be long and difficult and require a lot of work in special for competitive keywords.

What make us different ?

Digital marketing agencies rely on monthly based packages. Our policy is a bit different , we are result orientated company. Priority for us are results and second our monthly packages. We charge only if your objective are achieved. To understand this well, let's imagine you are Company X and your objective is to be on first page on search results. Our project charge will apply only if you get on first page .

Our monthly packages

Starts from 400 euro and can go to 800 euro, even more depend on number of keywords and keyword competitiveness. Don't hesitate and grab us a line to discuss more .

The importance of SEO

An SEO journey starts once you have a website. The higher is your website position on search engine results, the higher is the probability that your website to get more clicks and automatically more conversions. Over the years SEO has changed dramatically and is continuing to change. To get a better position on search engine results requires SEO implementation. Before to start to optimize your website for search engine, you need to understand fundamentals and search engines policies. When it comes to search engines they are three important: Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google is by far the most important. Google owns not only regular search, but also Image search, Voice search, Youtube and Maps which is very important if you are a local business. To be successful in search engine optimization dose not require to have a stratospheric IQ who might think. To master SEO , you need some technical  skills , marketing knowledge, work and patience.


To achieve important goals you need to have a plan ,where you can put in practice strategies that  are already established. Our strategy is simple and include the following:

  1. Website audit
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Technical SEO
  4. Content that you need
  5. Mobile
  6. Location
  7. Penalties

1  Website Audit

To get an website audit from us is Free,  you only need to contact us. The work of every professional SEO always start or should start with an audit.  The process of websites optimization it is considered a relatively new field. From our expertise, we have discovered that many websites are not designed for a better SEO.  Many developers have not knowledge, of how to optimize a website to rank well on search engines. Making an audit for you, help us to identify your problems and come with solutions.

2  Keyword research

To understand this well, let's imagine the next scenario you are a person who live in Dublin Republic Of Ireland and type on search bar "digital marketing agencies Dublin" , the search engine automatically generates a list of website related to that search query.  In other words keywords are what customers, potential customers and viewers type on search bar to find your website. Each of this keywords are different and vary from competition and the number of people who type it in. Having said this keywords play a huge role every optimization process.

For the marketers perspective choosing broad and competitive keywords is not the wise decision that they can take. A viable solution are long tail keywords that are specific for your business. Once you know what keywords are important and representative to your business is time to create a keyword list. They are many tools on the market that you can use , one well known and popular is Google Keyword Planner.

3 Technical SEO

Many managers and marketers are reluctant to embrace SEO, due it is technical approach like (HTML, Javascript, CSS and so on) .  Technical SEO can be embrace by all people with desire and work. Our technical expertise is helping us to analyze the structure and content of every website. Important technical elements that we consider very important are: Title Tag, Meta Description, Image tag and so on.

4 Content that matters

They say that " Content is king" which is perfectly true. For a website to be successful on search results needs to provide good and engaging content for their users. We consider that websites should primarily focus one users and not  for search engines . Like type of content Google is still heavily rely on text. 

5  Mobile

It is not a secret to be successful on search engine your website should be responsive for platforms like (desktop,  tablet and mobile)  In 2015 Google has introduced an update that treat mobile friendly websites like ranking factor.  A marketer or manager can determine easily if a website is friendly for mobile devices by accessing Google free tool Mobile Friendly Test. 

6 Location

Dublin like business location is very attractive, many irish and international business are located here. Being in a very attractive market make digital landscape very interested  and with a lot of challenges. To be successful in a competitive market SEO is needed. Our strategy provide you what keywords you should use, type of content you need to develop in order to be successful in your area and to make possible search engines know where you are. Imagine you are a restaurant owner in Dublin. How people will find you?  Using some search queries like: "Restaurants in Dublin", "time out Dublin restaurant" or " restaurants near me".  How you get there?  The easy way to get there is by creating a local profile. A place where you can create a local profile is Google My Business. In 2014 Google has introduced Google My Business in the effort to help local business. A GMB profile include the following:

  • Company info (address, services, phone number, website url, and so on)
  • Insights (queries used to find your business, where customers view your business on Google, directions and phone calls)
  • Reviews 
  • Posts, photos and Video

7 Penalties

Despite that not to many SEO practitioners are not talk  about them, the penalties exist and you need to be aware of their existence. In the past years and even now, marketers in the desire to get quick better rankings have tried to mislead search engines. To prevent such practices Google has introduced some algorithms like Panda and Penguin to punish those who intentional breaches Google Webmaster Policies.  Google can penalize your website either manually or algorithmically. They are many tools one the market that you can use to try to prevent or discover penalties. We consider Google Search Console the best tool for penalties remedy. All those algorithms have been introduced with a main objective a better user experience. To avoid possible penalties, you should avoid to do the following:

  • buy links
  • low quality backlinks 
  • duplicate content
  • and so on


Our philosophy is to help business to stay above the crowd by providing good SEO solutions. We are result orientated company our solutions will help you to get a better online presence and more conversions .

On  Page SEO

It is often associated with technical part of search engine optimization and content creation process. By far the most important component in on page optimization is the title tag . 

Search engines give a highly importance on title tag, they use this information to determine the theme of every website. A good title tag should always include keywords like: ( primary keyword and brand name). The ideal length of title tag should between 10 and no more than 70 characters.  Other html elements that can help you in on page optimization are meta tags, which are meta keywords and description tags. Once keywords were very important in SEO, stuffing a lot of keywords in your website were a good strategy. This technique today dose not work anymore and are not primary ranking factor. However it is advisable to use them in special meta description. 

Meta description is not as important like title tag, but can help you in conversions. Writing a compelling and engaging meta description can make the difference. The length of meta description should be between 150 and no more than 250 characters.

  • H1- H6 Tags    Despite that they do not look important, this tags can help search engines to see what is the most important in a page content. For example H1 tag can reinforce the main keyword of your website
  • Primary keyword in URL  Every page needs a unique url.  If you are a ecommerce website and you want to create a page with "running shoes"  , your link will look under this form: " https://yourdomain.com/running-shoes.html
  • Images and Videos Optimization  Having those on your website can bring a lot of weight can increase your reputation and engagement. Like type of content by far the most engaging are videos.  Adding picture should always include ALT attribute with the keyword represented for picture.
  • Page Speed Optimization   Many people are not yet aware how important is for a website to load fast. Search engines are using website load speed as ranking factor. Imagine you face this situation , a user click on your link and wait, if the website dose not load fast the user will skip your link and go to your competitor.
  • Sitemap  - Sometimes it happen that search engines to not crawl all pages. To solve this problem they created a place where you scan and submit all your pages. This place is knows like sitemap . Sitemaps can be generated either directly or with special plugins for content management systems.
  • Schema.org  help search engines to better understand the content of your website. One benefit of schema.org is to help local business. Imagine you are a restaurant in Temple Bar Dublin and you want to appear with 5 stars on Google, schema markup can help to do this.

Off  Page SEO

Once on page optimization is done, the next  step is how to rank your website more higher on search engines. To hope to get a better position on search engines you need quality links that are pointed to your website. Getting links can be done either organically or by campaigns.  We are firmly believe in getting links naturally, however we help our clients to get links to get links by launching campaigns.

  • Backlink Profile  In the hope to rank quick higher on search engines, some webmasters have mislead intentionally Google policies, by participating in link buying schemes, resulting in penalties. As the name suggest the backlink profile is your overall pictures of links. When we look to a link profile, they are few things that we need to consider like: low quality links, link diversity and relevant links.
  • Low quality backlinks   Our approach is to avoid low quality links. We are not using software  or other tools. We are building links manually from relevant and high authority  websites.
  • Link relevance It become obvious that links that are pointed to your website need to come from websites that have a similar topic with your.  It is not know how Google determine the relevance of websites, but our aim is to make sure that all links that are coming to your website are related to content and subject.

Website  Creation  

To mange a website is the most important digital asset.  Having a responsive and user experience website is a must for your online presence. Our creative team can provide solutions that feed your needs. We create responsive websites, but also rank them higher on search engines.

Our team

Having the mission to help the business to stay above the crowd. We are a talented team with passion for digital marketing. We consider SEO a vital part of every digital campaigns. Our expertise and approach is the guarantee for a good collaboration. Having us as partner can be the key for growing your business.

How much does it cost our SEO services?

Usually digital marketing agencies in Ireland are charging their customers base on a monthly basis. Our approach is a lit a bit different , we are charging our customers on achieving objectives basis.  Let 's say that we agree to rank for certain keywords. If we fail to rank your website for those keywords on first page on search engine we won't charge any fee. However if we bring your website on first page we charge on monthly basis. Our monthly packages start from 400- 800 euro monthly, but can go further depending on the number of keywords that need to be optimized.

How long I have to wait to see the first results ?

Unfortunately to get a better position on search engines today it is not a Holy Grail and it is more difficult that was once. Generally for a website to get higher on search engine it can take between 6, 12 and even more months depending of the keyword competitiveness . Are websites that can be rank relatively quick for keywords that are not to competitive.

Our work schedule

First month   we analyze the website audit, keyword research and optimization planning.

Second month  we are implementing changes according to the website audit, we optimize keywords.

Third month Once the process of optimization is done the next step is to build links that are pointed to your website.

Are the results guaranteed ?

We don't claim that we are the best agency and we don't promise to get you on first page on Google in one month or two.  We are result orientated , we charge only if you get you on first page. The truth is difficult if not hazardous to guarantee 100 % results.  Search engines are changing constantly their algorithms and we need to be in trend with this. What we  can promise is that we put 100 % effort to achieve your goals.

What is the minimal contract period?

Many digital agencies charge their customer on a monthly basis usually between 3 or 6 months. We don't have a specific contract length , our customers can stay with us much as they want. If they are not satisfy with our work, they are free to stop collaboration when they want.