What is B2C Social Media?

Social media is generally designed as any website or application that enables users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. According to a research  by Wearesocial  in January 2015 there were    circa 3 billion active internet users in the world about 42 % of population and 2 billion of those were active on social media.So it's evident that social media become the place for business, where they can target audience.  Social Media allows  brands to influence their customer based to a degree via brand pages.But most important  it provides brands with the opportunity to be influenced. 

The term B2C business to consumer is the process of selling products or services direct to consumer. It is different to B2B which rely more on selling services to other business.

Social Media Audit

 Social Media allows  brands to influence their customer based to a degree via brand pages.But most important  it provides brands with the opportunity to be influenced.  They are situations where we don't know what exactly is working or not with our social media profiles. General speaking some social media profiles do better than others. To get a better view of general social media landscape we need a social media audit.  To create a social media audit we need to include the following elements:

  • Social media marketing goals
  • What's going great and what is not going great
  • Current social media presence (Which social media channels are you using and which you should use)
  • Complete social media accounts (there are social media accounts that are not complete 100 %)
  • Evaluate performance
  • Recommendations

Content Development

 Content is the king. We can help you to meet a strategic goal by producing and publishing engaging content. The goal will either will help you to build a connection with your audience or encourage new leads.  We create content  that is best suit for you. Having  your social media audit , we can discover what type of content got more engagements for you, based on that we are able to create the following type of content for you:

  • Images and Infographics
  • Video
  • Promotional
  • Education

Profile set up and branding

To set up a social media profile, can be done by all people. However a business social media profile is a lit more different than a personal social media. We can set up this for you. The process of branding always start  with choosing the business name and logo creation.  This process applies to social media as well. 

Here we have 10 ultimate branding strategies that you can follow

Social Media Advertising

Social media is not a place, where you create content and engage with your audience is also a platform that can be used for paid advertising. For B2C companies running ads campaigns can bring important leads. Platforms like: Facebook and Instagram are used with success by many companies. Running ads campaigns on social media provide different features like: 

  • Targeting  ( You can target people in your area if you are a small business and whole country for large business)
  • Lookalike audience is a features that can help you to reach to people who are interested in products or services that you provide

By using our services, we can help you to outreach your brand and drive traffic to your website.

Social listening and Monitoring

Understanding what customers are saying about your brand on social media can bring us important insights . We can define social listening like an activity that tracks mentions and conversations about your brand. We analyze social media activity by simple looking metrics like:

  • Brand popularity
  • Industry trends
  • Competition

Today data is considered by many the new oil in digital marketing landscape. Tools used in analyzing data have machine learning and AI features. These tools are incredible accurate and are making our digital marketing job more easier.

Social Media Analytics

Your activity on social media need to be measured somehow. Doing work on social media and not measuring the results can make the difference between success and failure. Our strategy is to analyze past post that got most engagements and based on that to create future content for you. 

Benefits of Outsourcing your B2C Social Media


Managing your social media activity can be embarrassing for your business, instead to focus on main business activity . Social media is not just posting and writing few posts. For having a higher online presence and ROI you need to spend every day on social media, creating relevant content,participation in conversations and growing your audience.


Some companies delegate their social media activity to specialize companies.


What Erexym Media can do for you:

  •   Help you to cut your marketing expenses and save your time by outsourcing your social media marketing
  •  We can create new brands or existing social profiles
  • We create and post content based on daily basis 
  • Type of content that we are creating images, video, graphic, and blog posts
  • Social Media Customer Service (Working with people is the tough part of every job, we do this for you by answering to every comments and complains)

5 Reasons why should use our social media services

1 Passionate people

We do not claim that we are the best agency. Our philosophy is simple to center our efforts to our customers. We want to help business to stay above the crowd by paving their route to success.

2 We don't outsource our work

Today it is a new trend among digital marketers that to outsource some work that are not important to other agencies. Our philosophy is simple the more we know about your business and culture the better we can create content that gets engagement for you.

3 Achieve your goals

To achieve business goals is perhaps the though part for every business. Social Media is a place that can help you to achieve your goals.

4 Help your SEO

Despite is not a clear evidence if social media can help in SEO. From our experience we can say that having a strong online presence on social media can help to build a brand awareness . Having developed a brand users will start to search after your business name in the search bar. When a business name is searched directly in the eye of search engines that business url is important and automatically it will boost it's ranking.

5 Customer Service

One of the reason why some business fail is poor customer experience. Let's imagine the next scenario , a customer wants to find further information about a product, he will use social media like platform. If will not get any feedback or answer to his queries, he automatically will leave and will start to search in other part. Social Media is ideal for customer service.

Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management Services